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Blouse “SARA”, black tulle, embroidered and frilled.

It will be impossible to resist to the charm of black tulle with sophisticated, tone to tone embroidery and it is the ideal choice for a special evening. A close fitting cut, high neck, wide ¾ sleeves with cuffs and wavy bottom, completely see through.
For a perfect fit, an invisible zip on the left side of the blouse and a small invisible zip above the left shoulder, with front and back footage.
Show it off in the daytime with jeans and you will not get unnoticed, it will have a more sensual impact if worn in the evening with cigarette trousers.

740,00 €

Sara found she was wearing a tulle blouse, the fresh, damp breeze of twilight that was wrapping up everything and a veil of inexplicable melancholy - or perhaps nostalgia - which crossed her chest. She moved quickly and lightly, as the steps of a creature of the night, among the contorted shadows of the trees which were prepared to become ghosts and fill with fear walkers. She knew she was a princess. An Indian princess. But she was in a foreign country: colonial England. She stopped behind a willow trunk to listen a whispered conversation between two noblemen. One of them, Sir Lawrence, was the young officer who had stolen her heart. Only now, gathering those words heard in the darkness, she realized that it had never been her love to attract him, but the secret that Sara carried with her from her land. Sir Lawrence had seduced her to take away from her the dagger, sacred to Kali the Black. One foot after another, Sara started running without even seeing where that path lost in the grove would take her. Her eyes were covered by the glittering patina of tears that were as painful as poison.