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La Vie en Noir

Her grandmother always told her to try to see her life in pink - she always had in her ears and in her heart the notes of "La vie en rose", the exciting voice of Edith Piaf and the deep message that the song conveyed.

Of course, life is not always rosy, indeed. Yet you can learn to see a touch of rose, joy and femininity even in all the other shades of colours that our existences make us cross. Even in black, the black that to some can transmit sadness or uneasiness, which may tempt to allude to a careless sobriety, or to a transgressive desire for darkness...… Yes even in black, in its cozy shadow, where you are lost or you find yourself walking alone in the night, lives the whole mystery of the woman. Even the colour white, in its serious purity, in its candid chastity, which to some may appear algid and inexpressive, or perhaps fearful to dare. Yes, even the colour white, which can be as gentle as the undergrowth flowers in spring, or as strong and dazzling as snow reverberation, even white can express all the magnetism of femininity. In each woman there is a white swan and a black swan, and as white reflects every colour and black absorbs it, every woman can take and give life the most diverse, unique colours in a perpetual breath of feelings. Because every woman is an artist and the emotions - which she knows how to live so intensely - are the palette with which she colours the world. A woman who has learned to know and love herself through the journey of life, will know how to colour not only her world, but also the world of those around her. This is her true magic.

The novel of a hypnotic style

Vie en Noir does not just want to be a clothing brand, but a story to tell, because every woman is a novel. So every branded cloth, will accompany La Vie en Noir with a story, and every story will have an ever more intriguing and fascinating plot. For our "Hypnotic Stories" we chose the pen of the writer Sebastiano B. Brocchi. Let each blouse accompany you in an adventure, and La Vie en Noir style will conquer you as the pages of a good book...