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Shirt “OLIVIA” in black stretch gabardine cotton.

In black version, the shirt thought for leisure times, elegant and of high impact, with front closure of black mother of pearl buttons.
High necked and slightly rounded bottom. Front panels, neck and cuffs are in stretch cotton satin, to give a chic and bright touch at your city look..
Sublime if worn in the evening for a feminine and timeless look and your own imagination on choosing the match will make it unique.

320,00 €

Hers was a fragile, delicate, sensitive soul. The slender figure, underlined by the shirt in gabardine, had a poetic tale, such as the light touch that the fine brush between the thin fingers pointed to the canvas. When she was reached by Inna, in the silence of Mme's atelier. Vigée, Olivia ended her sketching a drapery in Artemis's dress and laid a palette and a brush. "Well? Did you manage to get that letter? From the expression on your face I would think not. In that case, I have to say that your fame far outstrips your real abilities.", she complained. Inna shook her head, "No, that is not the reason, I was able to find the envelope, but I'm afraid you will not like the news, Mademoiselle.

Read yourself: the secret is over in the etching.". Olivia remained silent and thoughtful for some long moments, then dismissed her accomplice as quickly as possible. She knew what those words meant, she could not be wrong. Mme. Vigée was then involved? Did she know the destiny of the Black Thorn, but kept quiet? However, she could only take a look around: the answer had to be there somewhere in the atelier. In an etching painting.