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Blouse “INNA”, with milk white silk organza.

Pure sensuality and elegance for this blouse, with double silk shantung insert, for greater rigidity. The look will fall on the simplicity of the small neckline and the neck itself. Cut with slightly puffy sleeves and high cuffs, for an almost aristocratic effect.
Easy to wear, completely without lacing. Extremely light to be worn in every day of the year, with elegant or contrasting garments so as to create your personal style.

510,00 €

A furtive presence slipped over the embassy cornice. An organza's white blouse, a black mask on the eyes which prevented the recognition of the features of the beautiful face. Inna was an expert and clever thief. She had always escaped the musketeers and royal guards. From Paris to Versailles she had become almost a legend. She came up from the window without being seen. She inspected the vast and luxuriant locals with feline agility and eye-catching attention to every detail, every nuance. When she arrived at the cherry-wood desk she opened the drawers as if no one had ever locked them. After long searches, she finally found an envelope addressed to the chief of the conspirators. France was preparing for great political upheavals, but it was not the plans of the forthcoming Revolution to affect Inna. She was looking for the answer: what happened to the forged needles with the iron of the ancient dagger? And the answer troubled her, coming to her unexpectedly by those few inches of ink: "The secret of the Black Thorn has ended up in the etching.". Nitric acid? Was the Secret Lost Forever?