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Blouse “CLOTILDE” in tulle, light pink.

Treat yourself to the fabulous blouse made in the finest embroidery, with flower details and small beads applied, completely see through. A skin tight cut, wrap neck, wide ¾ sleeve with cuffs and wavy bottom.
For a perfect fit, an invisible zip on the left side of the shirt and small invisible zip above the left shoulder, with front and back footage.
To gain everyone’s look, wear it with a pair of cigarette trousers or wear it with jeans, for a youthful and romantic look, or even with a camisole top, for a more sober style.

760,00 €

Even Clotilde considered herself a glorious warrior, although she was an acclaimed actress and her battles were carried out on a different type of fronts. She was a girl aware of her own enchanting beauty, of her sensual appeal, which was emphasized on that day by the almost transparent tulle blouse, on which there were embroidered flowers as if on a Venus's body. She had enough glances and smiles to get her foe capitulate, and a dance to the gala to win that siege, ended up between the sheets. By giving him her caresses and seductive words, Clotilde had finally extorted the secret from the Spanish ambassador. The only one among the noblemen at the French court, to have known personally the infamous Captain Herrero and to have sailed with him the dangerous seas of the Caribbean. And now, the great navigator had been bewitched by a mermaid ... "Do you want to know what has happened to that metal? The legendary black spike blade iron? Well, my dear, you will not believe it! Needles have been made. Embroidery Needles. ", he revealed amused. "Needles? And who owns them now? "She inquired. "Oh no, no, I can not tell you!"