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Blouse “PETRA” in blue/black fresh cotton wool.

Gritty and sophisticated, a perfect match for a blouse in fresh cotton wool, ideal to be worn in the cool spring or mid-summer evenings. Hand made with fabrics of different thickness, in order to create a wonderful contrast which will be noticed at every move you make.
Deep neckline, bat sleeves, padded shoulders.
Also designed to be used as a jacket, bomber style, with a tight waistband, fastened with tone on tone buttons.
For a sensual effect and for those who wish to dare, it can be worn by itself, with a sprinkle of perfume alone, while to be more discreet we recommend using underneath it a lightweight tulle body.

625,00 €

A bullet hole in the black blouse was not enough to stop Petra's bellicose power, as strong as a rock in spite of her bleeding arm! With a cry that seemed to rise up to the sky, she took the lead and jumped from the ship’s railing, clinging to a rope. She landed on the deck of the Spanish galleon just in time to see the English sailing ship sink. She pointed the saber at the captain's throat: "Are you the man named El Herrero, the Blacksmith? Tell me Captain, is it true that you've stolen Sir Lawrence a precious Indian dagger? " The Spaniard did not deny it, but revealed to the corsair: "The dagger does not exist anymore. I had to make it disappear or I would have been killed. But I knew it was a magic object, so I melted its metal and used it for ... ". El Herrero was still speaking when a bullet silenced him forever. It had been a man of his crew shooting, probably to prevent the secret being revealed to a member of the British Crown. Once again, Petra had to prepare to fight.